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YouTube Personality Boogie2988 Dating Someone After Divorcing Ex-Wife Desiree Williams?

Caroline Published On Sat Mar 14 2020   Modified On Sat Mar 14 2020
YouTube Personality Boogie2988 Dating Someone After Divorcing Ex-Wife  Desiree Williams?

You-Tube personality Steven Jay Williams known as Boogie 2988, has inspired many people and entertain many through his gaming videos. He took You-Tube as his platform to show his talent. He posted many game-related videos on his you-tube account boogie 2988, where he has got more than 4,544,834 subscribers.

Boogie2988 enjoyed his married life with Desiree Williams. The couple had spent 5 years together. Now the blogger Boogie and Desiree are separated. They are not together.

Between Boogie2988 and Desiree Williams Relationship with his ex-wife

Boogie2988 and Desiree Williams were friends before they started their relationship. Then the couple dated for several years and celebrated their wedding in 2013.

Boogie 2988 and his wife Desiree Williams
Boogie 2988 and his wife Desiree Williams

Source: Realtime News

Boogie is a fat guy. He said he had experienced a different type of love from since his childhood. He also shares that Desiree is different than my ex-girlfriends. My ex-girlfriends utilize me only according to their needs and made him believe he could be the fattest guy all over the world.

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So, much love and affection given by Desiree made Boogie able to forget all his personality problems and encourage him to do more better on his job. Not only Desiree Williams Boogie2988 also love her as much as she loves him. The couple seems very happy with their relationship.

How The Splendid Couple Split-Up?

Desiree and Boogie were living and relishing on their relationship. They were sharing their love, happiness, secretes with each other. But the couple were unlucky, their happiness are now split, which means they are divorcing and living new and free life.

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Desiree Williams, who married to Boogie and had promised to live together but not living together. As Boogie was suffering from diseases from a long time. And it is also seen that he is suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorder, which might be the reason behind their divorce.

On December 2017, the couple announced their divorce, and on February 13, 2018, the divorce paper were finalized. 

Boogie2988 Current Relationship Status after Divorcing wife Desiree Williams: Is He Dating a Girlfriend?

As we all know that, Steven Williams is the man behind the YouTube Channel, Boogie2988. He made a fun redesign joke video back in 2012 that luckily got viral and was seen by over countless people around the world.

Although he is not dating anyone currently and is focused on his professional career, he has said that he is looking to have fun for a few years before he jumps into the relationshipagain.

After a few months divorcing his wife, he mentioned via a Twitter post that he met an adult actress and they dated for a while.

There is also a rumor that Desiree was in a relationship with a guy, whose name is not disclosed yet. She engaged with him when he was suffering from the PTSD and anxiety disorder. This might also be the reason for their separation.

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Currently, Boogie is happy in his professional career. He updates more videos to entertain people. Perhaps, he forgets his past and presently busy in uplifting his career.