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Home gossip Karuna Satori Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Tattoos, Husband, Net Worth

Karuna Satori Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Tattoos, Husband, Net Worth

admin Published On Thu Mar 05 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 05 2020
Karuna Satori  Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Tattoos, Husband, Net Worth

Karuna Satori a well-known YouTube star was born on June 25, 1991, in the United States with the constellation sign of cancer. Karuna is 27 years as per 2019. Satori is a woman with indicative and revealing nature she is not afraid to express her feelings and talks about anything she likes.

She doesn't keep secrets about her life and reveals everything to her viewers and fans. Satori revealed herself as a former drug addict on a dailymail article.

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Karuna Satori's Family Life & Relationship

Satori was married to Victor (Youtube Artist) runs ASMR channel called Essence of ASMR. She and Victor had two children a boy and a girl. Being a former drug addict her family life was complicated.

She had her children taken away by Pennsylvania child protective services in June 2015 after she hit her husband but later she got them back after two years after she recovered. Satori now has good relation with her family and is able to handle the family problems by herself.

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Satori's Career & Net Worth

Karuna was a prior drug addict and was addicted to snorting oxycontin rich in oxycodone. She started her KarunaSatoriASMR channel in October 2013 after recovering from it where she posts tingle influencing videos and started gaining popularity through it and now has 585k+ subscribers.

She is also a part of the youtube therapy ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). She also created a subordinate youtube channel called KarunaSatoriBASIC where she hallmarks her vlogs and life stories which have gained more than 52k+ subscribers.

Satori has an estimated net worth of $500,000. she earns monthly $2.5K - $39.4K and yearly around $29.6K - $473K. She mostly spends her money on high-end makeup, tattoos, and clothes. Satori earns enough money to financially handle her family and support her husband.

Satori's Tattoos and Lifestyle

CAPTION: Karuna Satori featuring her BDSM tattoo

SOURCE: Pinterest

Being a former drug addict she may be fond of tattoos. She has a lot of tattoos in her body one of the most featuring tattoos of her is the BDSM tattoo on her arms. Karuna has nine to ten tattoos on her body.

She has two tattoos on her both side of her neck. She is enthusiastic of animals recently she has adopted a cheetah cub about which she has featured in her youtube channel.

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CAPTION: Karuna Satori posing with her recently adopted cheetah cub

SOURCE: Youtube


Quick Facts About Karuna Satori

Birth Name: Karuna Satori

Profession: YouTube Personality

DOB: June 25, 1991

Marital Status: Married

Online Presence: Instagram (27.7 k followers, 484 posts, 827 following)


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