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American YouTuber iJustine Once Dated Several Men, Now Living a Life Without a Boyfriend?

admin Published On Fri Mar 06 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 06 2020
American YouTuber iJustine Once Dated Several Men, Now Living a Life Without a  Boyfriend?

Justine Ezarik a.k.a iJustine is an American Youtuber with over a billion view in her channel. She started her Youtube channel from 2006 and gained consideration as a caster who communicated directly to her millions of viewers. She has done a lot of remarkable works in her career and has a grand fandom across the world.

Justine Ezarik a blend of sugar, ice, and everything amusing. Ezarik has been in a relationship with several men but currently is single after dating Ryan Wyatt. Know more about her relationships.

Justine Ezarik's Current Relationship Status

The love life of Ezarik seems to be gradual these days after a long list of boyfriend Ezarik seems to be single in her recent days and isn't dating anyone and is not seen with anyone at the moment. 

In a post, she stated that she is not in a relationship with anyone and there are no odds of being in a relationship. The Youtuber seems to be busy in her career or maybe she is broken inside.

Justine Ezarik and Ryan Wyatt

Justine dated Ryan Wyatt who works as a Global Head of Gaming at Youtube. The couple was together for three years from 2012 to 2015 they shared joyful moments and celebrated together for three years their romance lasted a bit long. The couple didn't reveal anything about their separation.

The duo first met at a Youtube convention in the United States in 2012 and was together since then Later in 2015 Ryan through his twitter confirmed that they were not dating each other anymore. Though they are not dating but have a good relation as friends they are frequently seen joking with each other in social media Ryan joked that he was the ex-boyfriend of the year which post was deleted later.

Justine Ezarik's Past Affairs: Who was she dating?

Justine Ezarik has been in a relationship with a number of men she was involved in a relationship with other two men before dating Ryan. Ezarik dated Brian Pokorny in 2008 but couldn't last long and broked up the same year.

Later she was found dating Justin Fishner Wolfson a venture-capital associate at Peter Thiel's Founder Fund in 2008 but again she broke up with him the same year.

The Hoax: Adam Rucker and Justine Ezarik?

There have been rumors about Adam Rucker a associate business systems analyst at Southwest Airlines and Justine Ezarik that they are in a secret relationship. Rucker and Justine shared a Halloween trip to Disneyland whether it was trip in term of work or are they in a relationship no one knows.