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Home gossip How Much does Alaskan Bush People Earn From Their Shows: What About Their Overall Net Worth?

How Much does Alaskan Bush People Earn From Their Shows: What About Their Overall Net Worth?

Jack Published On Fri Mar 13 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 13 2020
How Much does Alaskan Bush People Earn From Their Shows: What About Their Overall Net Worth?

The Alaskan Bush People started filming as they returned to Alaska; the locals say. However, The Discovery Channel has yet to confirm it officially, but the locals are already started to talk about the Brown family.

Reminiscent of pioneer families who lived off the land in the 1,800s, a family of nine, started living wildlife enjoying hunting, fishing, building houses, shooting bears, and trying their best to survive on the Alaskan frontier and live the wildlife they want to live.

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How Much does Alaskan Bush People Earn?

Ami and Billy Brown earn well from their profession, and they have a net worth of around $500,000. Not only them, but each of the family members, including children also contribute a good income.


Alaskan Bush People  family
 Alaskan Bush People family

While Rain Brown receives somewhere between $8,000 to $15,000 per episode, his elder sister's per year salary is around $60,000 per year.

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Joshua Brown makes about $300,000 while Noah Brown procures $65,000 yearly from the show. The family's total earning becomes huge, and they can live a luxury life with it.

Alaskan Bush People's Overall Net Worth is Huge

Alaskan family with their struggle and hard work maintain a tremendous net worth i. e. around $60 million and the show adds up daily.

The Alaskan family was not ready to live in Los Angeles as the mother Ami was fighting propelled malignant lung growth, then they settled in Tonasket, Washington, buying about 500 sections of land.

The land on a 4,000-foot high mountain cost them $415,000, and local people were not excited about the buy. The section of properties is 65, 190, 40, 140, respectively. 

Alaskan Bush Family has a Hauling Business Too

Brown boys' hauling job they started in Alaska
Brown boys' hauling job they started in Alaska

During season three, the Brown boys started a hauling business to add more to their net worth and income. The idea was simple: using the boat, they fixed up haul and anything needed to move. The last episode of season three, "Never Give Up," featured their first real hauling job.

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During the beginning of the business, it was a practical method to collect some cash. However, as the family doesn't live at the place since mid-2019, their business there must have shut down.

Some Members of the Brown Family Were Sentenced for Making Illegal Money.

In 2016, both Billy and son Bam Bam faced 30 days in prison for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the Alaska state. From the courts' archives, it was uncovered that the dad and child were involved in more than 20 checks of unsworn distortion and burglary for lying about living in Alaska to get cash from the legislature.

Reports say, in total, they stole $27,000 from the state, and the court ordered to pay back $22,000 fine.

Rain Brown in Alaskan Bush People
Rain Brown in  Alaskan Bush People

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