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Rajeev Singh Published On Sun Mar 08 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 08 2020

Facts of Blazendary


    Body and Relation Status of Blazendary

    Blazendary is the name of a Youtube channel and a brand who is owned by an 18 years old Entrepreneur and sneakerhead, Giancarlo Purch. Giancarlo was born on August 2, 2000. Created his channel in December of 2014. he has now more than 1.5 million subscribers. He uploaded his first youtube video "Sole Supremacy Beater Box Size 9.5-10 RE-UPLOAD."  

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    Early life and education of Giancarlo Purch

    Giancarlo Purch was born and raised in the beautiful city New York. However, his family background is unknown to his fans and followers and has not been revealed in any of his bios. Giancarlo also has siblings and unfortunately, they have also not been revealed to his fans and followers.

    He has also not revealed about his education but we can guess that he is at high school. Where else does an 18 years old kid else goes?

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    Relationship and girlfriends of Giancarlo Purch

    The love life of Giancarlo Purch is quite interesting. Previously, he dated Gracie who was a social media star. However, their relationship didn't last long. They started their relationship in 2016 and got separated soon after that.

    Currently, he is dating Madison, who is also a famous social media phenomenon. The couples have dated over one year and it seems that they are enjoying their time together. It is a matter of coincidence that Giancarlo only likes a famous personality, especially social media star.

                              CAPTION: Giancarlo Purch with his girlfriend Madison 

    Career and Net Worth of Giancarlo Purch

    Giancarlo Purch is a youtube star who precisely uploads contents related to fashion wear. He has a brand of sneakers and has named his youtube channel the same that is Blazendary. his monthly earnings from his youtube views is calculated to be $16 thousand.

    This 18 years old in age has a net worth of $300,000 and lives a very fancy lifestyle at this very young age. Basically, he is also known as a fashion guru and is very famous as a pet lover. He as a lizard and two cats as his pets.

    Besides his youtube account, he also has many followers in his social media and also earns a handsome amount of money from them. He has more than 500 thousand followers on his Instagram.

    He also has a second youtube account known as Blazendary gaming in which he posts contents related to games. But he is more famous due to his first account where he puts contents related to fashion and streetwear. 

    He also has a second Instagram page where he has 76.3 thousand followers but hasn't posted that much because he has only 19 posts there. 

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    Giancarlo Purch Tattoo and Friends

    He got his first tattoo by a tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste in Las Vegas which cost him $875 that was a picture of the beach in his right chest.

    CAPTION: Giancarlo Purch with his tattoo artist 

    Besides on his chest, he has a tattoo on his hands and legs also. From his Instagram account, we can know that not only he spends most of his time traveling and promoting his products but he also spends his times with his friends.

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