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50 Years American Comedian Corey Holcomb Married Relationship With Wife Maya Holcomb; Has Three Children

Rajeev Singh Published On Thu Mar 12 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 12 2020
50 Years American Comedian Corey Holcomb Married Relationship With Wife Maya Holcomb; Has Three Children

Corey Holcomb is an American comedian and actor, born on 23rd June 1968 in Chicago, USA. He is renowned for stand-up live comedy shows. Corey was wedlock to Maya Holcomb.

Corey and Maya were dating for couple of year before they tied in a knot. They are blessed with three daughters now and Corey most often tweets jokes about his wife and the girl child.

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Corey Holcomb Marital life With Maya: Bizzare or Fun?

Corey smashed the wedding bells with his current wife Maya after courting for several years and they are living a fabulous wed life for years. Corey usually picks his wife, daughter or women for his stand-up comic topics but Maya appears to be okay with whatever he jokes about and has managed to walk so far.

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On a radio show answering to question what his wife thinks about his joke, Corey answered, 

"She knows me well, she knew that it just an act of jokes."

CAPTION: Corey Holcomb with his wife, daughters and baby mama 

Corey and Maya captivate in each other in a way that no souls will ever will. Coley and Maya's married life is shimmering and is filled with great love and understanding. You know, they are made for each other.

Corey tweeted Maya had Three Babies From Her Previous Husband, The Truth is.....

Corey's tweet about his wife previous husband and the babies born from them is nothing but part of his tweet jokes. Maya never had a previous husband and all the three kids are of his own.

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Corey and Maya welcomed their first child in 2012 and subsequently the others. From Corey, it has come to light that their elder and the younger child is a daughter. Corey explained that his actual satisfaction comes from the success of his kids.

Regarding this Corey stated,

"My oldest daughter is an honor student. My younger two kids are following in her footsteps. If I can create a legacy of strong and confident people, then I'm good with life."

Corey's jokes often circle around his wife and daughters. Talking about his elder daughter in a funny way, Corey tweeted,

"If my daughter hugged her mom in front of me I would not cut her off but that phone number she got on me would change????"

 Maya, Corey's Partner in Crime; A Handful Support to  Defy Controversies

Corey is intertwined in a lot of controversies as he jokes very often on women but his fate to have such a soulmate like Maya who is never offended with his comics on women. Corey has an extensive reinforcement from his wife. His controversial joke includes: 

This was a tweet that Holcomb tweeted something hilarious about Jes's image about 2 years ago. It had gained a wide controversy then.

Maya has always stood in favour of Corey and might be because of her intense support Corey has an optimum career in comedy. As a statement justifies, "behind every successful man, there is a woman". 

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