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Stand-up Comedian Dave Chappelle Married Elaine Chappelle and living happily as husband and wife

Rabin Shrestha Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020

Everyone wants to be happy every day but hardly they can. Nowadays, people take help from others to be happy(like from friends, TV serial actors, and others). It's really a great job to make some happy, isn't it? Today we are introducing you about a famous and renowned comedian actor, Deve Chappelle, who has been able to put a smile on the faces of millions of people through his Comedy Central channel show The Chappelle Show.


caption: Dave Chappelle 

Well, very few of us are well known about his personal life, I guess, Isn't it? Let's have some depth inside Dave Chappelle personal life.

Dave Chappelle family background

 Dave Chappelle (born on 24 December 1973 in Washington DC), is now one of the richest black celebrity in the United State, who first belonged to the middle-class family though both of his parents were a well-educated person.


caption: Dave Chappelle

It is also said that he has changed his religion to Islam in 1998 and doesn't want to talk any more about it. Who knows, what was the reason behind this?

Dave Chappelle's love relationship

Dave is a married man to Elane Mendoza Erfe in 2001, after having affair for a long time. From then onwards, this couple is together as a husband and wife. As it is unknown and unpublished about their first met.


caption: Dave Chappelle and his wife Elaine Chappelle

It is quite interesting and mysterious to hear about their love relationship because generally, people are known to have divorced in short period because of misunderstanding in a relationship these days.

Dave Chappelle career in comedy acting

From the childhood, Dave used to have comedian sign as he used to make laugh his parent's, friend when they visit him. It is said that "morning shows the day" and its true, his comedian Career lead him to pursue his career in the acting.

He has also got a chance to play several renowned actors too and played his first role in 1993, film named Robin Hood: Men in tights.


Caring and loving father Dave Chappelle

Chappelle is a father of three children as he is blessed; two sons Sulayman and Ibrahim, and a daughter Sonal. He is also a caring and loving father and spent much time with his children and his wife.

Dave Chappelle with his wife and their three children together as a family


caption: Dave Chappelle with his wife and their children together as a family

As per the source, he himself mention that he took his wife and children to Disney World to spends much more time with his family. 

Currently, they are living together in a house of 65-acer's in Ohio cornfields as a happy and loving family.

Dave Chappelle's nomination and awards

Chappelle's has been nominated twice for Primetime Emmy Awards, which is one of the prestigious awards in acting world and feels honored if they win this award. But unfortunately both time he was felt to win this.

It's not a problem to Chappelle because he has been honored twice with NAMIC Award for best comedic Performance in 2004 and the following year for the same category too.

Well, we all wish great comedian Dave Chappelle good luck and for his family as well.