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Who is sofia vergara husband? Find out her married life and children

Nabin Sah Published On Wed Mar 01 2017   Modified On Fri Dec 18 2020
Who is sofia vergara husband? Find out her married life and children

Sofia Vergara, a lady with glistening charm and aura and a supernova of talent, is a name that is encrypted on the pages of Hollywood with the never-fading colors. An actress who got her breakthrough in Hollywood quite at an early age with movies like ‘Chasing Papi’ and ‘Four Brothers’ has been in news ever since. 

Needless to say, her magnetic beauty, her glorifying fame, and her personal life-of course her marriage and divorce- has always been a mine of questions to many. So, let’s take a look into the secrete wall of the actress's life. 

Sofia Vergara Marriage with Joe Gonzalez, Children, and Divorce

Love and break-up, marriage and divorce in Hollywood erupted the moment, the word Hollywood was introduced to the world. And same has been the case with Sofia Vergara who had to deal with the pain of divorce just after a couple of years of marriage.

Joe Gonzalez and Sofia Vergara

source: Daily Entertainment News

Sofia was just in her school when she happened to fall in love with Joe Gonzalez who is almost a decade older to her. And in 1991, their love affair converted into a marriage ceremony when Sofia was still an 18 years old girl. In September 1992 she gave birth to their only child named Monolo before they divorced in 1993.

Sofia Vergara with her son Monolo

Source: Buzzfeed

There are several speculations made regarding their divorce, however, it is stated that it was her career that more often demanded her stay away from home that resulted in the divorce. Or maybe there was some other reason still engraved somewhere in a secrete dairy in a way never to be revealed. 

Sofia Vergara marriage with Joe Manganiello

It is often said that love always finds it's way no matter the circumstances. Sofia Vergara, a lady with magical blond hair, glowing skin, and an innermost beauty, at the end successfully found her second love.

Enjoying every bit of singledom for few years and rising up high in the world of glamour, fashion, and fame, it was in 2014, the diva found hopefully a man of her dreams, Joe Manganiello-a former Hollywood actor.

Already bitten by the tragic end of the first marriage, it was only after six and half months of being together, they decided to get engaged on Christmas Eve, 2014, followed by marriage in 2015. Maybe she carefully wanted to discover all his pros and cons before committing herself. 

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello marriage ceremony

Source: Popsugar

The duo is often seen together, attaining a private space of love and enjoying every sip of married life in the most romantic destination of the world.

They were recently seen together in the airport jetting off somewhere to romanticize a beautiful moment together on the occasion of the 40th birthday of the handsome hunk, Joe Manganiello.

Couple in a Dinner Date

Source: Popsugar

Is it just the excitement of the newly married life or they genuinely have a place for each other in their life, only time will tell us. Anyway, all we can do is wish for their happy married life.