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Home gossip Who is Jim Sturgess dating currently? Know about his affairs and dating history

Who is Jim Sturgess dating currently? Know about his affairs and dating history

Rabin Shrestha Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020
Who is Jim Sturgess dating currently? Know about his affairs and dating history

Some relationship lasts longer so far and some don't. It's really difficult and hard when a relationship ends, and it's harder to find a new one in one's life. The Same case is with the Actor Jim Sturgess, who has gone through same relationships in the past.


caption:  Jim Sturgess

Jim Sturgess is a renowned American actor who is most widely known for his role in 'Across the Universe'. He is also a singer-songwriter and has a passion for music. During his youth, he used to skateboarding around his local car parks and started his first band at the age of 15 where they would rehearsal in the garage of his friend's dad's house. 

Jim Sturgess love affair and split with Mickey O'Brien

Jim, a handsome actor not only with his sexy smile, soft brown puppy eyes, and his hit movies but also with his relationship and his dating history has attracted huge attention in mass and media. As if Sturgess wasn't cool enough of his own.

Jem first met musician and composer Mickey O'Brien (amazing actress and a composer) for the first time in a rehearsal room in North London and dated her for ten years after their first met. They were not a perfect couple but also a perfect music to the perfect song.


caption: Jim Sturgess and his ex-girlfriend Mickey O'Brein

Unfortunately, Jim Sturgess broke-up quietly in 2012 and didn't reveal the reason behind his split with Mickey.

Jim Sturgess starts dating co-star Bae Doo-Na

It's just a months getting out from his past love life he began secret love life with his co-star of 'Cloud Atlas', Bae Doo-NA (a South Korean actress and Photographer).


caption: Jim Sturgess dating Bae Do-Na

Though the information was not revealed for two-year, both the pair Jim and Doo-Na confirmed that they were in a relationship in 2012. 


caption:  Jim Sturgess with his girlfriend Bae Doo-Na 

However, the "Cloud Atlas" co-stars, ended their relationship in march 2015, as the breakup news was announced by actress Bae's agent.

About Jim Sturgess's current relationship status

38-years-old star, Jim Sturgess is currently single and is lonely at present. Because currently, he is focused on his career and his upliftment and we all know that he won't have any problem or any difficulties to have a perfect life partner in his future.

We can see his recent post on his Instagram where his caption seems quite depressed. Have a look... 


These damp feet still walk with romantic intention under the familiar raindrops and teardrops of London... Jimx

A post shared by JimSturgess (@officialjimsturgess) on Nov 21, 2016 at 10:00am PST


We wish Jim Sturgess luck and hope he finds perfect life partner till he realizes his right time to do.