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Home gossip Who is Barry Bostwick Currently Dating after his Second Divorce? Know his Married life

Who is Barry Bostwick Currently Dating after his Second Divorce? Know his Married life

Arya Pokharel Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020
Who is Barry Bostwick Currently Dating after his Second Divorce? Know his Married life

Barry Bostwick has again been caught up making a headline about his love life. It must be his never ending charm as he’s been stealing hearts of many girls from a long time.  So without ado let’s find out if he’s currently dating anyone after his second divorce.

Divorces in Hollywood are not new, but how would you feel if a happy family together from 30 long years suddenly falls apart. The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” star Barry Bostwick divorced his second wife Sherri Jensen Bostwick after 24 years of marriage. His wife Sherri filed the divorce claiming that Barry could not give her spousal support. As the outcome of the divorce, Barry has again announced himself as single.

Barry’s married life with his first wife Stacey Nelkin

The alluring actor had his first marriage with Stacey Nelkin in 1987. While their marriage seemed perfect to everyone in the beginning, their married life slowly started changing into rocks as time passed by.

first pair

cap: Barry with his first wife Stacey Nelkin

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Eventually their relationship as husband and wife lugubriously ended as they got divorced in 1991.

Barry’s second marriage with Sherri Ellen Jensen

Even after the heart-rending divorce on 1991 with Bostwick’s first wife, he didn’t give up on love and gave his love life another try by being hooked up with America’s famous actress Sherri Ellen Jensen. Sherri was like an impeccable partner for Bostwick as their conjugal life went on successful for about 24 years.


cap: Barry and Sherry Jensen
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Barry has two children, Brian and Chelsea with Sherri Jensen. But then, things came to an end between these love birds in 1984 as Sherri filed a divorce against Bostwick claiming that he never gave her the spousal support. Sherri Jensen even petitioned for physical and legal custody of their two children, 

Brian and Chelsea with Bary being granted visitation rights.

Let’s learn about Barry’s past relationships:

Barry’s first relationship was with his first wife Stacey Nelkin but soon after their marriage in 1987, they both decided to separate because of various internal issues in 1991.

Soon after his divorce, he started dating one of the talented American actresses, Sherri Ellen Jensen, a year prior to their wedding on 1993. Their married life was undeniably as strong as a diamond and had a bodacious chemistry between them. But after 24 years of successful marriage, Sherri decided to separate from Barry on 2017.


3. Bostwick with Lisa Hartman

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Barry has always kept his personal life low profiled. But prior to Stacey and Sherri, it was speculated that he dated Lisa Hartman in 1980. After dating for almost 4 years, they broke up in 1984 because of their personal reasons.