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Where Is Nicolette Scorsese Now? Her Professional Career And Achievements

dip Published On Mon Jan 03 2022   Modified On Mon Jan 03 2022
Where Is Nicolette Scorsese Now? Her Professional Career And Achievements

Have you noticed Busty Barmaid from NYPD Blue? The role was portrayed by famous American actress Nicolette Scorsese. She is also a model and has been far from the film industry for nearly ten years. The actress has starred in various films and television series throughout her film career.

The former actress last made her appearance in the television show Entertainment Tonight, which aired in 2019. Due to her low-key presence, many people wonder to know what Nicolette is doing at present. Discover everything below.

Where Is Nicolette Scorsese Now?

Scorsese has retired from her acting profession and is now far from the media's eyes. After getting away from the film industry, she has yet to talk about her current endeavors. However, she was seen in National Lampoon events due to her fan's demand. After appearing in 14 movies, she quietly slipped away from showbiz.

Not to mention, Nicolette's only exposure to her earlier life comes in signing merchandise from said 80s classic. Furthermore, the former actress does not use social media platforms, so it is pretty challenging to know about her ongoing life. Moreover, we can expect that she is doing fine in her own life.

Insights On Her Career & Achievements: Net Worth

Former actress Nicolette initiated her career as a model and later undertook into the showbiz industry. In her initial phase, Scorsese modeled for a few modeling agencies and got her first role as an actress in NBC's action T.V. series The A-Team. The respective television series was released in 1985, where she was portrayed as Cindy. 

In 1987, Scorsese landed the role of Louise in the CBS sitcom Charles in Charge. Following year, the A-Team cast also got a chance to portray the part of Melissa Cody. After a year, she went on work in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. From 1993 to 1994, Nicolette made her appearance in Aspen Extreme, Boxing Helena, The Waiter, L.A. Law, Rebel Highway, and Girls in Prison

After succeeding in all her roles, Scorsese emerged as Pamela in E.R., released in 1995. Similarly, she got into the public's eyes after portraying The Ultimate Lie and Lone Greasers. Furthermore, another big break came when the actress landed the role in a police procedural drama television series, NYPD Blue, from 1995 to 2000. 

Scorsese is estimated to have a net worth of over $300,000. Before retiring from the film industry, she predominantly earned a decent sum of money. Meanwhile, some sources claim she has a net value of $3 million. The 67-years-old actress is making her living through other fields now. 

Personal Bio: Is She Dating Someone?

Currently, the NYPD Blue star seems to be a single life. But she was in a brief relationship with Sean Penn back in the late 1980s. Penn and Scorsese kept her romantic life away from the limelight as they were aware of their privacy. The former couple accompanied the First Annual International Rock Awards in New York City. However, they parted away after dating each other for two months.

Scorsese is also a cast of Christmas Vacation
Scorsese is also a cast of Christmas Vacation
Source: Instagram @womenlovefxxd

Not to mention, Penn was not only the lover of Scorsese's life as she was also in a romantic affair with Antonio Sabato Jr. Some report shows they crossed their paths when Nicolette was in the initial phase of her modeling career. Additionally, Antonio is also a model and actor. Also, they split, but we are unknown when they chose their own path.