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Steven Yeun's Married Life with Wife Joana Pak; Shares a Baby Together

Sushil Thapa Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020
Steven Yeun's Married Life with Wife Joana Pak; Shares a Baby Together

Getting married, and becoming a loyal husband, are two different things. Despite all rumors, Steven Yuen and Joana Pak have been successfully married for the past 1 year. But what really has been cooking on between them? Are they happy 

Steven Yuen and Joana Pak’s life together

Steven first met Joanna at a bar back in 2009. He was working as a waiter at the time. They then began to start dating and spent days together for six months.

 It was then when Steven made a move towards Hollywood, Los Angeles. They kept their long distance relationship alive until Joana also made a shift to Los Angeles, to pursue her photographing career.

It was then after seven years on December 3RD, that the couple finally decided to explore their relationship further by tying a knot together.

The wedding took place at Paramour, an elegant Hollywood-themed estate on Los Angeles hilltop.

Paramour Hill Estate, Los Angeles

Paramour Hill Estate, Los Angeles

Source: heatherkincaid

The wedding was conducted in a “short and sweet” Protestant manner, which Steven describes as being the favorite part of his big day. They were both attired in a classic Korean Hanbok, said they both wanted to celebrate their marriage in their own cultural way.

The bride’s dress was designed by MeeHee Hanbok Couture. Joana wore a floral embroidered silver top and a fluffy white skirt, with a pair of Celine pumps. The grooms charcoal, white suit was designed by Betty Hanbok.

The bride and the groom, with their best maids

Paramour Hill Estate, Los Angeles

Source: dailymail

Steven’s co-stars from Walking Dead also attended the marriage. Sarah Wayne, Andrew Lincoln, Alanna Masterson, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Emma Bell, Chandler Riggs were there to celebrate their colleague’s bonding.

After the ceremony, the wedding couple went back to the aisle, to the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations before they went back to their cocktail reception.

Steven and Pak, are completely happy and in love with each other, or at least that’s what their Instagram posts say about them. Pak now serves as a full-time mother to their son. Unlike Steven, she is now taking a recession from  her career to focus entirely on parenting little Glen.

Secrets with Lauren Cohen

Before Steven’s marriage to Pak, rumors had been circulating around the media, that the Korean actor was having a secret affair with his on-screen wife Maggie. The two met at the set Of Walking Dead where Steven portrayed the role of Glen, while Cohen had Maggie’s role. Their passionate love in the series caught the attention of their fans, and questions were being raised against.

Steven and, Lauren on the set of Walking Dead.

Source: hollywoodreporter

The speculations were all turned down by Lauren, stating that they were not romantically involved with each other. She also mentioned that they had met each other outside the set, but their frequent dates were entirely business oriented.

The rumors were eventually laid to rest by Steven’s marriage to Joana.

A gift from the heavens

After their bonding in 2016, the couple announced their first child on social media. They decided to post a series photo-shots on Instagram revealing Joana’s pot-belly.


A post shared by Steven Yeun (@steveyeun) on Feb 13, 2017 at 7:46pm PST

The photos showcase the couple cuddling each other for the camera, with Steven sometimes cradling his wife’s baby bump.

Pak gave birth to their first son 17th March 2017. The baby was named Jude Malcolm Yuen. The proud father posted a snap of his newly born in Instagram revealing his tiny little hand.

thanks. we are well. much much love.

A post shared by Steven Yeun (@steveyeun) on Mar 26, 2017 at 4:04pm PDT

The baby boy is already a minor celebrity in social media owing to his mother’s expertise in photography and father’s determination to bring to kid into the spotlight.



A post shared by Joana Pak (@jopakka) on Nov 11, 2017 at 11:15am PST