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Shiho Yoshimura

Asics Published On Fri Mar 13 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 13 2020
Shiho Yoshimura

Facts of Shiho Yoshimura


    Body and Relation Status of Shiho Yoshimura

    Japanese volleyball player Shiho Yoshimura was born on December 13, 1989, in Isehara City, Kanagawa. She has played for Ageo Medics in the V Challenge League.

    Shiho Yoshimura's Childhood, Education, and Career

    Shiho started playing volleyball due to the influence of her sister in the third grade of her elementary school. She attended her high school at Kawasaki City's Tachibana High School, and Shiho was active in 2007's Sage National high school general athletic meet volleyball competition.

    Shiho entered at Toki university of Kanagawa in 2008. At Toki, she worked with Omi Akari as a First-class quarter ace spiker with Yamaguchi Kanamera, winning the second leg of League in spring. 

    The team forwarded to the All Japan Volley University Men's Championships and became second at the tournament in December 2008.

    Shiho was elected as the president of the 26th Universiade Volleyball in July 2011, and in December 2011, she became firewall of the victory in the All Japan Volley University Men's Championships and won also won the best scorer award.

    In December 2011, Ageo Medics team selected her for the V Challenge League, and her great performance as an ace in 2012/13 season led her team to the second victory, and she was also honored with the best newcomer award. 

    In 2014 V.Summer League, she won the Final League Brawl Award and she received 'daring player of the tournament.'

    In 2014/15 season, she played ten matches and scored 117 points. Likewise, in 2015/16 season, she played 18 games and made 146 points. Further, in June 2016, Ageo Medics announced Yoshimura's prosperity with honoring her.

    Shiho Yoshimura holding medal with her friends

    Shiho Yoshimura's Profile

    The Beautiful 29-year-old has an average height of 1.68 m and weighs about 68 kg. She has a nickname, Siho, and her blood group is 'A.' Shiho is a right hand dominant, and her body shape shows that she is a hard worker. She has a height of 2.19 m and can spike the ball by jumping 2.91 m.

    Shiho Yoshimura Net worth & Salary 

    The average salary of Japanese volleyball players is about ¥304,000 ($2,777) per month and earns ¥3,64,800 ($33,335) per year. Surely, Yoshimura with a long time career journey makes a reasonable sum of money.

    Shiho Yoshimura Family

    Since she is a Japanese volleyball player, her parents must be Japanese, and she has a big sister, who inspired her to chose a sports career.

    Shiho Yoshimura Personal Life

    Shiho is currently single, and it seems she didn't have a boyfriend in the past too. She is a career-focused sportsperson.

    Shiho Yoshimura Popularity on Social Media

    Yoshimura doesn't have official an social media profile, but her fans have created some accounts on her name on Facebook and Instagram. 

    Her unofficial Facebook page has 8.5K likes and has 1K followers on Instagram. It seems she has a huge fan base. She is such a famous that her fans are starting drawing her anime.

    Shiho Yoshimur as an anime character