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Quinn Culkin

admin Published On Sat Mar 07 2020   Modified On Sat Mar 07 2020
Quinn Culkin

Facts of Quinn Culkin


    Body and Relation Status of Quinn Culkin

    Quinn Culkin is an American actress who is best known for being one of Culkin children. She comes from a family where her brothers and sisters are all celebrities. She along with her siblings is fulfilling their father's dream of being an actor.  She is best known for her role of Connie Evans in the 1993 film The Good Son and for appearing alongside her brother in Home Alone movies.

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    Quinn Culkin Birth and Age 

    Quinn was born on the 8th of November 1984 in New York City. She was the fifth child in the seven children born to father Christopher Cornelius Culkin and mother Patricia Brentrup. Her parents never got married. And they got separated in 1995.

    Quinn Culkin is currently 34 years of age.

    Christopher who is also known as Kit Culkin tried really hard in his career to be a successful actor and when he couldn't do, he trained his son to be a successful actor. His son Macaulay Culkin got the break from the movie Home Alone.

    Macaulay spearheaded a dynasty that was later joined by other siblings of Quinn like Rory Culkin, Kieran Culkin, Christian Culkin, Shane Culkin, Dakota Culkin and Quinn Culkin herself. But now most of her siblings are out of the spotlight just like Quinn herself. Dakota Culkin died from injuries she got from a car accident in 2008 while Macaulay is not as famous as he used to be. 


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    Quinn Culkin Career

    CAPTION: Quinn Culkin as Connie


    In her career, Quinn herself has starred in several projects including the one that made her brother famous: Home Alone. She also starred in a voice acting role for the cartoon called  Wish Kid in which she played  13 episodes as Katie McClary in 1991.

    She also starred in the movie The Good Son where she starred alongside her brother, Macaulay Culkin. Her other appearance was in the sequel of Home Alone, Home Alone 2.

    She also had the chance to get featured in a Biography Channel documentary as herself called "The Culkins".

    Quinn Culkin Personal life

    CAPTION: Quinn Culkin beautiful


    With Quinn slowly fading from the limelight, it is hard to know the personal life about her and her partner. She has masterfully kept herself away from all the controversy. As of 2019, she is believed to be single. 

    Her secretive nature has kept all her secrets hidden from the media. So, even if she is currently with a partner, she has kept it as a secret. 

    Her brother though was married to Rachel Miner until 2002. 

    Quinn Culkin Net worth

    She has done movies which have done considerably well in the box office. The sequel of Home Alone earned $358,994,850 worldwide and judging the importance of her role, she must have been paid pretty well from the movie. 

     Although her career was short-lived she made good choices in choosing the script and that led to her net worth of $100,0000. It's pretty less than her brother's net worth which is 15 million dollars, but since her brother started early and was more successful than her, 15 million isn't a surprise.