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Micki Velton

Rajeev Singh Published On Fri Mar 06 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 06 2020
Micki Velton

Facts of Micki Velton


    Body and Relation Status of Micki Velton

    Micki Velton's biography

    CAPTION: Jerry Springer and his wife Micki Velton

    Micki Velton is an American citizen best known for being the ex-wife of Mayor Jerry Springer who is not just a political figure but also a television presenter. In addition to that, this English born television presenter is an actor and musician.

    Micki Velton has been dragged into a fair amount of controversy due to her relationship with Mayor Jerry Springer. Micki and her ex-husband share a daughter together who goes by the name of Katie Springer. She is an independent woman who likes to keep herself away from the media.

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    Micki Velton Birth, Early Life, Age, Height Childhood, Education

    Micki Velton was born in the United States, the land of opportunity but other than that anything remotely personal about her life has been hidden from the media. From speculation, she seems like she was born in the 1940s. Her birth date, her education, her age, her height, the name of her parents, their occupation, her siblings have not been disclosed in the media. 

    She seems to be a private person and since she isn't involved in a glamorous profession, the media too hasn’t put much effort to find out. Looking at her pictures she appears to have a good height.

    Micki Velton’s Career

    The information about Micki Velton's career is limited in the media due to the fact that she is not involved in any famous profession. However this much is certain that she used to work for Proctor and Gamble. The Procter & Gamble Company is a multinational consumer goods corporation. 

    This company is headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. And Cincinnati is where her Ex husband was the mayor of. Her ex-husband Jerry Springer was the  56th mayor of Cincinnati. 

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    Micki Velton's Marriage, Children

    CAPTION: Jerry Springer 

    Micki Velton was married to English-born American television presenter and political figure Jerry Springer. They met when Micki was still working in The Procter & Gamble Company. On June 16, 1973, the couple decided that they were a perfect match for each other and got married. In 1976 they gave birth to their daughter named Katie Springer. 

    Their child, unfortunately, was born blind. But somewhere along with the late nineties, they realized that they weren't meant to be together. Therefore in 1994, they got divorced. Both of them hasn't remarried yet. Often it is heard from the sources that she says she doesn't want to do the mistake of falling in love again. 

    Recently rumors were circulated on the death of Jerry Springer but that one is proven fake because the Springer is quite fit and fine.

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    Micki Velton's Net Worth

    Due to the nature of her profession, her net worth hasn't been featured in the media. One can only assume that based on the decent lifestyle she has maintained she earns a good amount of salary and has a good net worth. The exact information can't be found in the media unless Velton decides to disclose her net worth. 

    Micki is one of the brave independent women who believe in hard work and has little interest over the fame that her ex-marriage has to offer. She has little interest in the relationships. She continues to inspire people like she used to do it before.