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Home gossip Hot NBC anchor Katy Tur Called by Trump to cover the Trump campaign,Contributor on Twitter

Hot NBC anchor Katy Tur Called by Trump to cover the Trump campaign,Contributor on Twitter

Rajshree Nakarmi Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020
Hot NBC anchor Katy Tur Called by Trump to cover the Trump campaign,Contributor on Twitter

Katharine Bear “Katy” Tur is an American broadcast journalist born on October 26, 1983, is a perfect example of glamour and intelligence.  She covered the Trump campaign for MSNBC and NBC news during the period of election.

She has presented shows like ‘Early Today’, ‘Today’, 'Meet the Press’, 'NBC Nightly News’, ‘WNBC-TV’, ‘MSNBC’, and ‘The Weather Channel’. Let’s know about what went erroneous between gorgeous reporters and the recent president of the United States.

Source: Fortune

Katy Tur NBC News correspondent and Alex Castellanos appearing on "Meet the Press"

Tur was in London when Mr. Trump notified his race for the GOP (Grand Old Party) nomination. Tur’s arrival in New York for some cause gave her the opportunity to attend the campaign through NBC. She spent almost six months covering the Trump campaign.

Twitter Battle between Tur and Donald J. Trump

In the time of the Trump’s presidential campaign period, she covered the campaign for MSNBC and NBC News. During the speech in Raleigh, North Carolina, President Mr. Trump got many objectors. Tur, who was present in the moment counted the number of protesters and tweeted live: ‘Now 10’.

Trump ended the speech and left the stage all of a sudden. He thought Tur’s tweet “discreditable” and “not nice”! according to a berating note from his press secretary, Hope Hicks.

As a response, Mr. Trump tweeted:

“@KatyTurNBC & @DebSopan [sic] should be fired for dishonest reporting. @KatyTurNBC,3rd rate reporter & 2SopanDeb @CBS lied.”

He demanded an apology from Tur for the entire disgraceful act. Since Katy loved her dignity, she did not ask for a  pardon.


Tur interviewing Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort

Several times during the campaign, Tur was pointed by Mr. Trump. At an event in Florida, she was startled by some of the followers of Mr. Trump. However, according to Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway he did not mean it in a nasty way.

Trump repeatedly offended and attacked Tur in public throughout the year and a half that she had been covering his campaign. He tweeted that Tur “should be fired for dishonest reporting,” and, a few days onwards, the stage of a South Carolina rally called her “Little Katy” and a “third –rated reporter.”

Tur was the target of Mr. Trump again in June- this time on Fox & Friends, where, according to Politico, he said that nobody from his campaign is allowed to talk to her, “because she’s not a very good reporter.”

A month later, she was the target on a news conference, telling her to “be quiet” and accused her of preference to “save” Hillary Clinton.

After the incident on Wednesday, the hashtag #imwithTur inclined on Twitter, since a number of people supported Tur and criticized Donald Trump. This was not the first time that the Trump campaign had been named for the treatment with journalists.

Tur stammered in an interview with Donald Trump

Trump had criticized Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’ which really stroke Tur. He was telling the world he wanted to “ban Muslims” from entering the United States.  


Tur interviewing Mr. Trump after GOP debate

Since Tur wasn’t a political reporter and had little concept on Mr. Trump, she was really anxious during the interview. The interview stretched for 29 minutes. Trump blamed Tur of being naïve, clueless and also embarrassed her when she stammered.   

Career of Tur in brief

Tur is a sedulous reporter for NBC News since 2009. She has also contributed for some other news channels like WPIX-TV, KTLA, HD News/Cablevision, News 12 Brooklyn, VORTEX2 before her career started on NBC.