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Gaia Romilly Wise

Hunk Published On Thu Mar 12 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 12 2020
Gaia Romilly Wise

Facts of Gaia Romilly Wise


    Body and Relation Status of Gaia Romilly Wise

    Gaia Romilly Wise is widely popular as the daughter of English actress and comedian Emma Thompson. Her father is actor Greg Wise, and have one adopted brother Tindyebwa Agaba Wise. She has also worked on behalf of Greenpeace as an activist in the UK. So, let's start and get to know her life in more detail, keep reading till the end.

    Gaia Romilly Wise Bio and Personal Life

    Gaia Romilly Wise was born on December 4, 1999 and this makes her age 20 years at this time. Talking about her university of education she got enrolled at the famous ‘Highgate School’ in North London where she was known to be as a focused and hardworking student. 

    Gaia got the taste of limelight from her very early life because of her parents’ celebrity status.

    CAPTION: Gaia romilly 

    As we all know her parents are famous celebrities, her mother got fame in England through her comedy work on TV and then got starred in internationally renowned films. Her father, on the other hand, is an English actor and producer. He has also appeared in many British television works, as well as several feature films and have one adopted brother Tindyebwa Agaba Wise.

    CAPTION: Gaia and family 


    When you are beautiful, hot, rich, famous and the daughter of famous celebrity parents boys must be crazy for you and so is the case with the 20 years old but it seems she is not interested in boys or making any boyfriend.

    CAPTION: Gaia and Emma at golden globe awards 

    It seems like Gaia loves to accompany her mother on red carpet events and movie premieres. In May 2012, she was seen at the film premiere of  ‘Men in Black 3.’ Alongside her mother, Gaia was seen at the 71st ‘Golden Globe Awards,’ and many other functions and premiers.

    Gaia Romilly Wise's Professional Career

    Gaia was always with her mother and was interested in her work as an environmentalist and ‘Greenpeace’ activist. But in 2014,  her life changed dramatically when she worked alongside her mother in the Arctic Circle as part of a ‘Greenpeace’ expedition. After the expedition, Gaia became serious about climate change and joined millions of others in their fight against climate change. 

    Gaia has also appeared in some films. She made her acting debut in the 2008 drama film Last Chance Harvey where she played a minor role in the Joel Hopkins-directed.

    CAPTION: Gaia and Emma at red carpets 

    She got an opportunity to work with her mother in the Ken Kwapis-directed adventure comedy film A Walk in the Woods.

    She surely has maintained a pretty amount of bank balance through her earnings. She has not talked about her net worth.

    Gaia Romilly Wise's IVF birth and Adopted Brother

    IT'S a tough subject to talk about how actor Greg Wise has opened up about his and Emma Thompson's battle with IVF and if you don't know what is IVF, click here to know. Moving on, Emma was not able to give birth naturally but wanted to have a child so bad. They tried IVF for the first time and it worked, she gave birth to Gaia who is healthy and beautiful.

    After giving birth to Gaia couple decided to try it again but failed. After failing regularly they adopted former child soldier Tindyebwa Agaba and they could not be happier. 

    Gaia Romilly Wise's Sexual Harassment

    In 2018, Emma Thompson revealed that Gaia was sexually assaulted when she was traveling in the ‘London Underground.’

    The incident left Gaia shaken to such an extent that for many days she could not travel in the Tube without feeling nervous. According to Thompson, Gaia was upset that she could not muster the courage to call out the person who was committing the crime.