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Does Isabel Bedoya Have a Son: What About Her Relationship?

Ramila Hamal Published On Fri Mar 13 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 13 2020
Does Isabel Bedoya Have a Son: What About Her Relationship?

Self-learned beauty, fashion and wellness influencer on and offline whose have 3.5 million followers on her itsisabelbedoya Instagram account. She has garnered more than 360,000 YouTube subscribers as well. 

Yes, Isabel Bedoya is Someone’s Wife

Isabel Bedoya is not mentioned in any affairs; although many ones purpose her in the past, she might not be interested in love and relationship. But love and attraction are natural emotions. It will emerge in anyone and anywhere.

The same things happened in the case of Isabel Bedoya; an uninterested lady starts giving interest to a handsome guy.

They stay in a relationship, dated each other and at last fixed their wedding date as well, but all the things held silently, calmly. It seems that even their family members are not well-informed about their wedding ceremony.

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She has not written any biography or caption related to her boyfriend on any sites. But this one photo posted by her looks as if he is her former boyfriend and now is her husband.

Daughter! No Isabel Bedoya has Son

Keeping her marital relationship secret, Isabel Bedoya had nervous her fans. After that she shocks her followers, on Instagram, she posted a photo where she is relishing with her son.

Isabel Bedoya with her Son
Isabel Bedoya with her Son


According to the sources, it is known that her son is three years old and his name is also yet not published, Isabel Bedoya, her husband, and her son are living in Essex country. She has not mentioned the name of her life partner.

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It seems that Isabel Bedoya wants to live a low profile life. She didn’t want to flash her personal things. As a fashion influencer, she only influences her fashion and glamorous looking technique. In spite of that, she didn’t want to influence her lifestyle.

According to her friend Eden the Doll(who is also a fashion influencer), ''Isabel Bedoya is a cheater lady''. Eden says that Isabel has cheated her. She added that Isabel is an affair with my man. But it's fake because Isabel Bedoya have not any affairs before her marriage.

She used to make up herself and dressed herself according to her style and also tell her friends to follow her trend or style.

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Paying attention and dedication towards work, Now Isabel became one of the successful fashion influencers, bloggers. Not only her friends but countless people are also following her fashion and style mantra.

She has also been named as Fashion Guru. Her subscriber and followers on youtube and Instagram are increasing day by day, which means she is performing best, and many people across the world like her performance.