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Dendrie Taylor

Rajeev Singh Published On Wed Mar 11 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 11 2020
Dendrie Taylor

Facts of Dendrie Taylor


    Body and Relation Status of Dendrie Taylor

    Dendrie Taylor is an American actress known for her role as ‘Beverleen’ in the Series ‘True Blood’ (2010). She started off her career from the movie named “War of the Worlds” which was released in the year 2005.  

    After that, she has appeared in numbers of movie and TV Series. She was first noticed and acclaimed in her role in the movie “The Fighter” 2011 and later an HBO series “True Blood”.

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    Dendrie Taylor Bio

    Dendrie Taylor is an American actress, painter, and writer. She was born on 3rd January 1965. She is a multi-talented artist who has tried and succeeded in different professions. 

    She Started her career as an actress from the movie “War of the Worlds” (2005). After that, she has appeared in different movies and TV shows. 

    Later she was acclaimed for the role in a Mark Wahlberg starrer movie “The Fighter” which was released in the year 2010. She is now famous for her role as Beverleen in the hit HBO show “True Blood”.

    Dendrie Taylor Early Life and Career

    Dendrie Taylor Was born on January 3rd, 1965. She is of White Ethnicity who was born in the United States. She is a multi-talented artist who engages herself in most of the creative works. 

    Throughout her life, she has been an avid writer and painter. It was at a later stage of her life when she tried her luck in acting as a career.  

    At age 56 (in 2019), she is active in her career as an actress and managed to bag acclaims for her role in hit HBO show “True Blood”. Standing 5’8’’ tall in height with slim built, she is perfect for her role as “Beverleen” in the show the “True Blood”.

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    Dendrie Taylor Personal Life (Child, Boyfriend/Husband)

    Dendrie Taylor is married to Adam Lazarre-White. Together they have a daughter named Aiyana Lazarre-White. Adam is also an actor known for his role in hit TV shows like Living Single, Will & Grace, The Parkers, etc.

    Dendrie Taylor Net Worth

    Dendrie Taylor, being one of the most acclaimed actresses in Television world and as well as movies for her roles in hit shows and movies like “True Blood” and “The Fighter”, and Sharing a screen with big artists like Mark Wahlberg

    She also makes passive income through her writings and paintings. Her website is a collection of many paintings that are up for sale. With all those incomes, it is estimated that her net worth is somewhere around 890K-1M (approx.)

    Dendrie Taylor Recent Activity

    Dendrie Taylor, in recent years, has been signed by HBO for the HBO Originals series “True Blood”. She first appeared on the fifth episode (Spellbound) of the “True Blood”. Since then, she has been busy with the show. On the side, she also focuses herself in arts, it is common to see her doing paintings and selling them. 

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    Her personal website is full of a collection of paintings that are up for sale.  Not much is known or are seen of her writing in the widespread, but we can definitely guess, she has some good ones.