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Home gossip Colleen Lopez Living Happily with her Husband, No Children and No Divorce Rumors

Colleen Lopez Living Happily with her Husband, No Children and No Divorce Rumors

Narottam Basnet Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020
Colleen Lopez Living Happily with her Husband, No Children and No Divorce Rumors

Colleen Lopez Living Happily with her Husband, No Children and No Divorce Rumors

We all wish to have happy and long lasting love life for sure .Spending rest of your life with your husband, crush, partner can be a happiest moments of your life. This kind of fortune can only be blessed to very few people. Trusting, believing, spending quality time with your partner can be you long lasting married life. But many people don’t get this blessing .In many of our life, many people come and go, but very few of them have special place in your heart .Soon in no time we look for other people after dumping, breaking up or even getting divorced. Unfortunately this bad love life doesn’t make place in Colleen Lopez long married life.



Colleen Lopez is one of the few TV personality whom we look and wonder to have her married life. Isn’t that wonderful? This TV personality is the host of the Home shopping Network on cable TV and is one of the richest TV personality with net worth of $4.5 million dollar. She is making her career, love life and family life so balanced that she it looks like she never had problem in her life.

 Colleen Lopez and her married life

If you have heard rumor that she has been married for 3 decades, then yes you have heard it right and its true. Colleen Lopez married her best and soul mate Carlos on February 6 1982. Yes , you read it right she married to her best friend that feels like romantic love story  in movie. They got married at the St Paul Cathedral, the same church where her parents got married.

                                                          Carlos and Collen lopez together


That is one of the adorable pic. Is’nt it? Soon after their marriage they flew to Mexico for their honeymoon .They are blessed with two son. If you ever heard about the rumors of Lopez having then you heard a false one.

collen lopez  with her husband, two son Carlos Patrick and Thomas James on Carlos's wedding


Along with her married life ,Lopez made her career as a TV Personaliy as she was awarded by the ERA (Electronic Retail Association) the prestigious "Best Television Presenter" award and still holds the title to this day. She also has developed her career as fashion and beauty expert .Lopez admits her greatest fashion is jewelry.



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As we can see she has passion for jwelery collection.She looks more beautiful than her  shinning jweleries.You can see more of her jwelery collections, when you scroll down to her instagram.

Her secret for married life maybe her spending quality time with her family members. As we can see her going out in the vacation with her family, attending family ceremonies and specially spending more time with her husband.

Collen Lopez with her family


There has been no single rumor on divorce or any fight between Carlos and Colleen Lopez. Often asked about her fighting rumors, she simply denies it. Colleen Lopez, 57 takes  to solve every problem of her family and don’t  let it out. She looks very charming and people asks about her youthful skin because she looks happy most of the days even she is over age of 55.

As we can see Lopez is one of the happiest person on the earth. Taking care of  your career and family life is never easy, but she is one of the people to look for inspiration for carrying out happy married life. Every one asks often about her secret for happy married life, but nobody knows Lopez secret.Hopefully she will share us one day.We all wish and want her married  life to be even more flourishing and happy for the rest for her life and before life.