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Home gossip Christine Simpson Net Worth in 2017. Know about her Source of Income.

Christine Simpson Net Worth in 2017. Know about her Source of Income.

Nabin Sah Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 04 2020
Christine Simpson Net Worth in 2017. Know about her Source of Income.

Christine Simpson is a name that stands out from the heard of mediocrity. The women with fame, fortune, and money. Christine Simpson has already established herself as a famous face on American television. This pretty face is a television interviewer, host and primarily a hockey reporter. With her talent, skill and magnetic charm, she has earned herself a lavish lifestyle and a lot of money.

Well, I’m sure, you must be wondering about her bank balance and net worth. If yes, then come and discover with us. We will let you know her current net worth as of 2017 and her major source of income.

Christine Simpson Net Worth in 2017

Talent and hard work have always been said to pay you a lot in terms of money. Moreover, if you are talented enough to be the a face of television, you are going to be paid a lot more. Christine Simpson as a talented and likable celebrity falls in the same league of earners who add dollars to their account every passing day.

Cristine Simpson


Over the past few years, Christine has considerably added a lot to her account with her increased demand and likability as a host or let us say a television personality. By the start of 2017, Simpson is estimated to have a net worth of over $4 million dollars. Though her exact salary has not been revealed, it is estimated to be no less than a million dollar per annum.

The 52 years old Simpson is yet to do a lot and make a lot. All we can do is wish her best of luck.

Christine Simpson Source of Income

Christine started making money a lot before she started her career in broadcasting. Before broadcasting, she worked as the Marketing Manager for the Hockey Hall of fame for several years.

Christine Announcing in a sport


Christine started her career as a television host with the CTV Sportsnet, the channel that was launched in 1998 and became her major source of income in her starting days. She spent 10 years of her life as host of the show named Showtime with Chris Simpson featured sports stories.

Her career as a reporter for the National Hockey League that broadcasted on ESPN and ABC also played a significant role in her income.


Simpson with sports enthusiastic


Besides, recently she has also been indulging herself in acting and has been making guest appearances on several shows like Friends.

Well, In short, we can say, her career in journalism and her endorsement and appearances on television has been the major part of her source of income.