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30 Years American Rapper ASAP Rocky Dated Many Girls In His Life; Now In a Relationship With Someone?

Rex Published On Thu Mar 12 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 12 2020
30 Years American Rapper ASAP Rocky Dated Many Girls In His Life; Now In a Relationship With Someone?

ASAP Rocky is an American rapper. He made his debut in the music industry in 2011. He released his albums 'Long.Live.A$AP' and 'At.Long.Last.A$AP' which topped the chart. 

His love life is hugely complicated. He has dated numbers of famous female figures. Furthermore, girls are crazy for him and are seriously attracted to him. Rocky is currently rumored to be dating Jasmine Daniels. Let's talk about it in more detail.

ASAP Rocky Latest Happy and Committed Relationship

ASAP Rocky and girlfriend Jasmine Daniels

ASAP Rocky has confirmed his relationship with current girlfriend Jasmine Daniels. In an interview, when he was asked about his lifestyle he said this year he is going to live it differently. 

He said that he will be committed to his girl. He is not going to invite lots of women in his parties but his girlfriend herself will invite her friends only if necessary. Now he leaves his life's and especially love life's decision to his girlfriend.

Who is ASAP Rocky Girlfriend Jasmine Daniels?

Jasmine Daniels

Jasmine is a model who has done modeling for the brands like Calvin Klein, Top Shop and Nasty Gal. She has also appeared in magazines like W and Vogue. 

She was born on March 19, 1999, in the United States Of America. 

Jasmine has over 150k followers on her Instagram and 7894 followers on twitter. 

Dating History of ASAP Rocky

As said above he has dated numbers of women but how many and when let's get know about top 5 of them.

ASAP Rocky and Iggy Azalea had their relation started back in 2011. Iggy even had tattooed herself with Live.Love.A$AP on her fingers. And it was also rumored that ASAP has also tattooed something about her. 

However, their relation ended on July 2012 and their tattoo also got removed by them.

Chanel Inman

ASAP and Chanel

ASAP and Chanel dated for one and a half year and got engaged in 2014. But things didn't work out and they got separated six months after their engagement.

According to them the reason for them breaking up was their busy schedule and travel.


ASAP and Rihanna
ASAP and Rihanna kissing

The relationship between Rihanna and ASAP is just a rumor and is never confirmed. Though there were photos where they were seen kissing each other but their close ones denied it and told they were just having fun.

Rita Ora

ASAP and Rita

Rocky's relationship with Rita is a huge controversy as per report he was in a relation but still hooked up with Rita in 2012 and was massively criticized. They even dissed each other in their songs.  

Tina Kunakey

ASAP and Tina

The rumor of Tina and Rocky started in July 2016. They walked on streets holding hands and laughing with happy moments. 

However, After a year of them being close, this rumor was noted to be just a hoax.